Executive Relocations

Is your firm proposing to relocate you to Switzerland? Or are you the person responsible for relocating staff? Mostly both the firm’s human resources team and the relocating executive require specialist support that cannot be found in-house.

Maya Kitchen Consulting provides a range of services for corporate executives designed to put them and their families on the map in Switzerland, by finding appropriate solutions within budget in a timely manner. These include:

  • Guiding executives through each stage in the relocation process.
  • Handling all the paperwork required to satisfy the Swiss authorities.
  • Finding a home for the family.
  • Selecting nurseries and schools.
  • Advising on and arranging all the insurance needs of the executive and their family.
  • Arranging the importation of pets, furniture and cars and other goods.
  • Consulting on cultural integration matters and helping them establish local contacts and settle in.