Case Studies

Entrepreneur and his family

When a leading Eastern European family relocated to Switzerland, Maya Kitchen Consulting (MKC) was hired to support them with the settling in process. MKC’s confidential consultancy service included providing suggestions to the family on domestic issues and opening doors to the cantonal and community authorities. The family accepted MKC’s advice that before purchasing a property, it was best first to rent a high-quality apartment. MKC then negotiated the rental contract and afterward helped the family to find their dream house. MKC found a nursery and an infant school for the children. It recommended home-related service providers and supported the efforts of other advisers and business consultants. MKC managed one-off jobs, such as providing help with registering their new-born child, as well as other long-term projects for the family, which remain ongoing.

A wealthy businessman

A retired businessman on Zurich’s Gold Coast employed Maya Kitchen Consulting (MKC) to support his home-office. This work involved keeping track of the client’s expenditure and managing the paperwork. MKC reviewed contracts, kept track of in- and out-goings, made sure invoices were settled and also liaised with his accountant. In short, MKC ensured that the client always had a clear overview of his finances and dealings at his various properties. At the end, MKC was asked to provide his family with support during the dissolution of his estate.

A business set-up

Maya Kitchen Consulting (MKC) was hired by a Zurich-based businessman to create his family office infrastructure from scratch. MKC found the premises. It researched and obtained quotations for office equipment and furnishing. And, before ordering systems software, MKC assessed the client’s wide-ranging requirements for establishing an effective office environment by analyzing the client’s multifaceted undertakings. This work ensured that software and systems integration worked across multiple desks and office floors. It also involved overseeing their installation. MKC worked with the customer to arrange all the necessary insurance cover. It reorganized the client’s private filing system, as well as catalogued the family’s considerable art collection, private properties and cars etc.