Business Services

The challenge of establishing a branch office or holding company in Switzerland varies from canton to canton and from community to community within the cantons.

It takes local knowledge and expertise to do the searching and the negotiating with the local authorities and local suppliers. So it is important to establish good relationships with the relevant people from the outset. Maya Kitchen Consulting opens doors and guides you on how to do that.

Our networked services include:

  • Registering a business.
  • Providing advice on overcoming legal and tax hurdles in different locations.
  • Advice on suitable locations.
  • Finding office space, negotiating terms.
  • Equipping your offices, including setting up the IT infrastructure if required.
  • Arranging necessary business insurances and mandatory government pension fund etc.
  • Support with recruitment of suitable local staff.
  • Help with resettling your staff and their families in Switzerland.