Maya Kitchen is a well-travelled native of Zurich with invaluable social and business connections throughout the Swiss-German region. She began her career in real estate sales and management. Maya then went on to work for IBM’s service business, where she instructed people on how to use word processing machines, which were, back then, cutting-edge high-tech work-place innovations. However, since 1983 Maya’s been running her own consultancy businesses that provide professional services to wealthy people, senior executives and firms.

In 1989 Maya founded Betreuungsdienst M. Kitchen, which catered for the affluent elderly requiring fulltime private nursing care. Fourteen years later she sold the business to a rival company. Following that successful sale Maya became a life-style coach supporting people in the process of transition and professional reorientation. She also advised others about how to retire with their wealth, health and life-styles intact.

In 2009 she launched Maya Kitchen Consulting GmbH. This is her current business, which focuses on delivering three key services:

  • Counseling and supporting high net worth individuals and their families as they relocate and integrate into Switzerland.
  • Assisting business executives, and their families, with settling in Switzerland.
  • Helping international small- and medium-sized businesses setting up offices in Switzerland.

In July 2013 she joined as Strategic Partner Switzerland AssetREal Glasgow, internationally active Hotel and Resort Advisors & Consultants.

Maya’s office is located in Zurich. She also lives in Zurich. Maya speaks perfect English. She has a grown up daughter.