Key issues to consider for families

You may have been on holiday in Switzerland, but here are some prompts to help prepare yourself for living here.

  • Do you prefer to live out in the countryside or in the city?
  • How familiar are you with the Swiss real estate market? Expats are often astonished by the tight market and high prices when they view smallish apartments and houses in the sought-after regions.
  • How flexible is your budget, and are you prepared for our high cost of living?
  • How can your spouse’s career be nurtured in your new home?
  • Which hobbies and interests do you want to pursue in Switzerland?
  • Did you know that every canton’s education system – including their curricula, standards and priorities – is unique?
  • Who will advise you on how to open bank accounts; pay monthly bills; obtain your Swiss drivers license and find a car; register your dog; understand the Swiss waste disposal system; and about all the dos and don’ts of Swiss culture?
  • Do you intend employing domestic staff and nannies in Switzerland?
  • Settling in a new environment, not speaking the language, and being confronted with a different culture can initially make life difficult. Have you thought-through all the practical issues this throws up?
  • All things considered, how “glamorous and beneficial” will your move be in reality?

I will be happy to help you consider all the issues I’ve just sketched.